9 1/2 Days

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Book Description


High-priced attorney Jordan Gregory is no stranger to the fine art of negotiating, but even she is taken aback when Danny Navarro proposes sex any time, anywhere for temporarily posing as her fiance. For the first time in her life, Jordan's running scared... and loving every minute of it.


The last thing Danny is is scared. Being a firefighter has toughened him up to face every type of danger, even the sexual kind. For the first time in his life, Danny's surprised by who he wants, but he'll stop at nothing to catch the sexy, soul-searing Jordan...

But can they make the heat last another nine and a half days?


  • "9 1/2 DAYS by Mia Zachary has hot sex, complicated characters, a wonderful heroine and a plot with intense emotion and humor. 4 1/2 Star Top Pick rating!" - Romantic Times Bookclub
  • "Mia Zachary captures the heart of real romance and the daily lives that many people can identify with. With the honest and some heartbreaking emotions, 9 1/2 Days is also a very entertaining tale... Readers gets so much in this story, they shouldn't miss it. 9 1/2 Days receives The Road to Romance Reviewers Choice Award for its wealth of emotion, the family bonds and the wonderful romance. The only thing I wish is that 9 1/2 Days was endless: these characters were too great to say good-bye to!" - Tracey West for The Road to Romance
  • "In Mia Zachary’s new Harlequin Blaze, she truly reaches out to the reader and involves him or her in a love story that draws on a myriad of human emotions and brings them to life... Through Danny, Ms. Zachary takes the reader into the mind of not only a fire fighter, but also she goes further and shows the inner turmoil of one who has lost friends and co-workers. More than that, she pays tribute to the rescue personnel who were at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Danny is the epitome of those in rescue professions: always the strong one, never talking about his fears and concerns, never showing the fear and pain below the surface. Danny not only comes to life on the pages of 9 1/2 Days, he becomes a part of the reader’s life." - Love Romances Reviews