A.K.A. Goddess

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About The Book

Maggi Sanger seeks the grails of mythical goddesses. When her notes are stolen and great-aunt is attacked, Maggi takes it very personally. Her journeys lead her back to former sweetheart, Lex Stuart, who is hiding secrets from Maggi. In the tradition of Indiana Jones, this story takes on the world and mystery of archaeology, combining action and adventure with history.

Readers find the action to be compelling and the story to be a page-turner. Vaughn does a great job of keeping Lex's motives hidden from the reader and Maggi. Vaughn's ability to create a strong female lead makes the story an award-winner.

From The Back Cover

Reporting a break-in, avoiding my overprotective ex-lover, dodging dangerous men out to kill me....not exactly a typical day for a comparative mythology professor. So how did I, Maggi Sanger, get mixed up in all this?

It started with a family legend that connects me to a goddess and charges me with recovering the grail she hid away ages ago. Apparently some powerful people heard the story and are bent on destroying the grail at any cost — including my life. Now I have to find it before the enemy closes in....

Evelyn Vaughn also writes as Yvonne Jocks.


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Part of The Grail Keepers series.