A Castle In Canada

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It Was Called "The Chateau of Tears". From the moment lovely Darleen Tracy enters the Montaigne family chateau a sense of foreboding brushes like warning wings against her heart. She has come to the Chateau des Larmes expecting a romantic reunion with her fiance, Raoul Montaigne, and to meet his family for the first time. Instead she is greeted with cold resentment. The Montaingnes' hatred is heavy and concealed -- three of them will inherit a fortune is she and Raoul do not marry. To add to her distress, Raoul had vanished, a chilling mystery surrounding his disappearance. Dark undercurrents of menace pervade the old chateau and threaten to engulf Darleen. With mounting dread she realizes that her life is in danger. Then the secret shrouding Raoul's inheritance is revealed when a terrifying chase in the muskeg swamps climaxes in violence and shuddering horror...