A Woman Of Valor

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Book Description

Wealthy, spoiled American Samantha Pinkman lands in trouble and is banished to spend the summer in Israel working on an archaeological dig, though Sam prefers a summer in Paris. Everything she touches goes wrong, from washing precious artifacts in the dishwasher to suffering dehydration, all witnessed by her nemesis, Joshua Ben-Sion.

As if this is not bad enough, the two are hurtled back in time to Roman occupied Jerusalem where they are the only people who realize the tragedy that is about to unfold. They are in the race of their lives to unravel the mystery surrounding their bizarre journey and to unlock the key to the future.

Woman of Valor is the story of two fated lovers who struggle to come to terms with their past and their present, with the things they cannot change and the things they must accept.


His kisses were incredible and for a moment she thought the tremors were her heart beating from the sensation he sent through her. But the tremors strengthened, jolting her against him.

Josh's arms tightened around her as loose stones rained down from the packed earth. "I've got you," he shouted, one arm over her head to protect her from the rocks falling around them as the tremors died off.

Loud voices above, made her sigh with relief. “At least there’s someone to help us out,” she said.

"Are you hurt?"

Dumbly Sam shook her head. She clutched Josh's arms tighter, nails digging into his flesh. He pressed her against the wall again, trailing soft kisses on her frightened face.

"Earth tremors. We're on the Jordan Rift. It happens a lot. We should get out of here. There could be another one and it's very dangerous," he said, his tone tinged with regret.

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  • "A Woman Of Valor is well written, though at times it’s hard to get through the necessary narrative of explanation on the time travel and the difference between those who travel in time and those who are reincarnated... Overall, A Woman Of Valor reads well and provides a nice escape for the afternoon."
Vurlee ~ Sime~Gen Reviews

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