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African-American romances tend to focus exclusively on relationships between African-American or black heroes and heroines, and are commonly set in urban areas. The stories are often written by black authors, though Julie Garwood did write a historical focusing on African-American characters settling in the West in the post-Civil War era.

African-American romances are also sometimes referred to as Multi-Cultural romance, though the latter also includes all non-white groups. Interracial Romance is also sometimes included in this group, though the term technically refers to romances between a hero and heroine of different ethnic background.


Some mainstream publishers have established a line for African-American romances, and other publishers are devoted to African-American publications.

  • Parker Publishing, LLC was established to target the ever-expansive market of books by and about African-Americans.


Top authors in this genre include Rochelle Alers, Brenda Jackson, Beverly Jenkins, Sandra Kitt, Kayla Perrin and Francis Ray.

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