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Alessia Brio is a sassy tart from Pittsburgh who burst (or tip-toed, depending on who you ask) onto the erotic romance scene in the latter half of 2005 with two e-book publications from Phaze. Until that time, she'd been giving her stuff away on Literotica. Now, she gratefully accepts money for it. (That, she's aware, is the difference between a slut and a whore.)

Alessia writes erotic romance, erotica, and poetry both independently and collaboratively (with Will Belegon). Her entry, Memento, took an honorable mention in Desdmona’s Stiletto Flash Contest & Butterfly did the same in the Titillating Tattoo Contest. She received nominations as Literotica’s Most Influential Poet of 2004 and Most Influential Writer of 2005 & 2006 under the oh-so-humble pseudonym impressive.

As a participant in the philanthropic publishing venture Coming Together, Alessia has helped to raise money for organizations that protect our online freedoms of expression.

When she's not writing or researching, Ms. Brio is performing her domestic duties as a work-from-home mom, kicking ass (or kissing it) as a civil rights advocate/activist, or wasting time on the Internet. She is addicted to SuDoku, rare steak, and sex (not necessarily in that order).

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