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Amanda Scott is the pen name of Lynne Scott-Drennan. Her first attempt at writing a novel was accepted and published as The Fugitive Heiress in the Signet Regency Romance imprint in 1981. She wrote quite some time for this line before expanding into the Historical Romance genre with Border Bride. Set mostly in the Scottish Highlands or on the English-Scottish Border her historicals cover various historical periods and are usually part of a series.

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Series/Related Titles

Dangerous Series

  1. Dangerous Illusions, 1994
  2. Dangerous Games, 1996
  3. Dangerous Angels, 1997
  4. Dangerous Lady, 1999

Highland Series

  1. Highland Fling, 1995
  2. Highland Secrets, 1997
  3. Highland Treasure, 1998
  4. Highland Spirits , 1999
  5. Highland Princess, 2004

The Secret Clan

  1. The Abducted Heiress, 2001
  2. The Hidden Heiress, 2002
  3. Highland Bride, 2003
  4. Reiver's Bride, 2003