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Amira Press embraces a world of many colors and many cultures, which is reflected in our fiction. We are excited to introduce some of the finest authors to you in the e-publishing business, and are confident that you will find our company to be comparable to other small press publishers. If for any reason, you have questions, comments or complaints, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected]

At Amira Press, our mission is to provide an experience so far out of the ordinary, that our readers will look to stay lost forever in the worlds our writers have created for the reader's enjoyment.

We strive to bring you stories that grip the imagination and refuses to let go, driving you to beg for more. So, please...enjoy the ride!

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Melodee Aaron
Susan Smith Alvis
Lainey Bancroft
Destiny Blaine
Iona Blair
Kendra Mei Chailyn
Jennifer Cloud
A. J. Cove
Pat Cromwell
Piper Daniels
Lexie Davis
Dawne Dominique
Cappi Douglas
J. L. Foster
Tina Gayle
Sherri Gibson
Jenny Gilliam
Amber Grosjean
Crymsyn Hart
Amber Holt
Anne Ireland
Silvie James
E. Jamie
Topaz Jordyn
Barbara Korsness
Lynde Lakes
Kelly Linam
Dana Littlejohn
Tressie Lockwood
Sabrina Luna
Yvette A. Lynn
Christine Macone-Greene
Laura Major
Michelle Marquis
India Masters
Gracie C. McKeever
Sarah J. McNeal
J. R. Mitchell
Tula Neal
Marilyn Parrish
Regina Paul
Anastasia Rabiyah
Lesli Richardson
Candi Riddick
Brieanna Robertson
Andrew Robinson
Dahlia Rose
Kathleen Rowland
Jordana Ryan
Jessica Shin
Jadan Sinclair
Sally Sorenson
Tisha St. Clair
Brenda Steele
The Gentleman
Theresa W.
Tania Walsh
Robin Wright