Animal Attraction

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Book Description

Doctor Laura Santiago's tormenting dreams of mysterious midnight wanderings need to stop. Where exactly has she been going, what has she been doing when she gets there, and who else is involved? And now she has a hot detective asking questions and poking his nose where she doesn't need it to go.
Detective Jared Dalton is finding himself more fascinated with the feisty doctor every time they get within feet of each other, but he has been hearing about some strange and weird occurrences involving her, or a furry facsimile, and is determined to discover the truth. But will either of them like the answers they find?
Journalist Tonia Shelby is having a crap day. Her fiancée breaks off their engagement, her garbage disposal is backed up, her new plumber is eye-catching, breath-stopping gorgeous, and she keeps getting caught in-flagrente every time the two of them manage to hook up.
Doctor Payton James' family is wacky and he loves them. But, if they don't stop scaring off potential contenders he is going to be in trouble. It looks like he has finally found the perfect woman, and Toni seems like she has the gumption to stick it out; no matter how weird or embarrassing it might get. We will see...
Faith Anderson is trying to straighten out her life and toe the straight and narrow. But who knew that being on the right side of the law could be so arousing? Having a maniacally jealous mobster boyfriend doesn't make life any easier.
Detective Dan Peters is an honest cop having the world's worst time keeping his hands off the delectable Faith and his mind focused on the precarious job ahead of him. The department needs to find a way to put this crime-boss away for good, without risking anybody's life...or limbs.

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