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Book Description

A Christmas dream come true?

A&E consultant Tom Whittaker is Sister Fliss Ryman's perfect man: tall, dark and not shy of commitment! With four children to bring up alone, Tom is the most committed man she knows, and he has no intention of taking on more. Nevertheless he has feelings, and desire for Fliss — and she for him. Their shared needs tempt them into an affair that's tender, passionate, caring - strictly no-strings.

Secretly, Fliss dreams of Christmas in Tom's new home, together; as a family. Then she becomes pregnant - the last thing Tom needs - and when he offers her marriage she refuses, because it's not what he needs. Tom decides there's only one thing to do — woo her into making that Christmas dream come true.

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  • Title: Schwester Felicitys Traum vom Glück
  • Publisher: Cora Verlag
  • Imprint: Bianca Arztroman 74, December 2005