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Author and readers interact in lots of ways on the internet. As a resource for you, here are some of the groups, forums, bulletin boards, blogs and podcasts offered. See also Review Sites for websites that provide reviews and other book information.

Author Groups

These are listservs or e-mail/online groups


These are like on-line bulletin boards that have been organized into a "forum" sometimes combining several different ways of communicating.

My Space

Author Blogs

See an author's individual page here on RomanceWiki for the author's website and blog. This is a very limited list of single author blogs.

Multiple Author Blogs

Podcasts and Videocasts

Free Online Stories

Free Promo Ops for Authors

Ops by Michelle M. Pillow & Mandy M. Roth

1. Marketing with Mandy - Blogs that have to do with Marketing. All publishers/genres welcome! Contact Mandy – [email protected]

2. Raven Vampire Nightclub - Paranormal Guest Bloggers, can tie in your books and advertise them. All publishers/genres welcome! Details here: [1]

3. Frivolous Friday - Michelle Pillow’s Author blog – I’m open to guest blog ideas. Interesting posts, trivia or cool tidbits, historical facts, strange hobbies, myths and legends, anything! All publishers/genres welcome!

4. Pillow Talk Tuesdays – (not a guest blog spot, so much as blog news) A new segment I’m starting on my author blog. I will give a rundown of the best of romance blogland, and some additional romance news I find interesting. Bloggers and readers are encouraged to send her news the find in romance blogland, whether it’s their blog or someone elses. Basically, it’s things of general interest to romance industry, authors and readers—not individual book release announcements and stuff like that. However, authors are encouraged to send in their current contest for posting. All publishers/genres welcome! For details: [2]

5. Raven Reader Forum Authors: Raven Reader Forum is opening a backstage pass to author friends of the Raven. We’re offering authors a chance to come in and post excerpts and give away prizes. (Limit two excerpts, must offer prize) Excerpts are to be posted to the VIP Backstage Pass area of the forum. Authors, there is also a Research Sections where you can share knowledge and ask questions. Readers are welcome to join in and lend a hand. Join now and post! You can create sig pics and have fun interacting with readers. All publishers/genres welcome!

Readers: Stop on by to see what VIPs come to play and what prizes are being given away. Forum membership is free. Must be 18 years or older to join. Readers are welcome to create sig pics as well!

6. Publisher Spotlights – Marketing with Mandy blog is open to publisher spotlights. If you, and fellow authors from your publisher, would like to have your publisher featured, please email Mandy – [email protected] Past spotlights include Samhain Publishing, Virgin Books (Random House), Ellora’s Cave, Dorchester and New Concepts. (Repeats will be considered if new authors are willing to be interviewed) All publishers/genres welcome!

7. Raven Podcasts – Open to a few author interviews. Spots are very limited. For more details, visit -[] All publishers/genres welcome!

8. Raven Reader Bash Day - Join us online for the next day! Dates for these fantastic online parties are located on the group in the database. Authors wishing to sign up to be able to post excerpts, please visit the Raven Reader Group and enter your name in database. All publishers/genres welcome! Readers, please mark your calendars and be sure to join us on the loops!

9. For cheap advertising with Raven (which averages over 10,000 unique hits a month)—including podcast commercials, the popular blog features, static cover ads, please visit: [3]

Michelle M Pillow

Mandy M Roth

Other Free Promo Ops