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Dame Mary Barbara Hamilton Cartland DBE CStJ, (9 July 1901 – 21 May 2000) also commonly known as Barbara Cartland, authored over 700 books. Her career began as a gossip columnist, and after a year she published her first novel, Jigsaw (1923), a slightly naughty society thriller that became a bestseller. She was still active at the time of her death and she left 160 unpublished manuscripts which are being marketed by her son on the official website. [1]

On the Web


Autobiographical and biographical

  • The Isthmus Years 1919-1939
  • The Years of Opportunity 1939-1945
  • I Search for Rainbows 1945-1966
  • We Danced All Night 1919-1929
  • Ronald Cartland (with a foreword by Sir Winston Churchill)
  • Polly, My Wonderful Mother


  • Bewitching Women
  • The Outrageous Queen (The Story of Queen Christina of Sweden)
  • The Scandalous Life of King Carol
  • The Private Life of King Charles II
  • The Private Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Russia
  • Josephine, Empress of France
  • Diana de Poitiers
  • Metternich - the Passionate Diplomat


  • You in the Home
  • The Fascinating Forties
  • Marriage for Moderns
  • Be Vivid, Be Vital
  • Love, Life and Sex
  • Vitamins for Vitality
  • Husbands and Wives
  • Barbara Cartland's Health Food Cookery Book
  • Barbara Cartland's Book of Beauty and Health
  • Men are Wonderful
  • Food for Love
  • Etiquette
  • The Many Facets of Love
  • Sex and the Teenager
  • The Book of Charm
  • Living Together
  • The Youth Secret
  • The Magic of Honey

Editor of

  • The Common Problems by Ronald Cartland (with a preface by the Rt. Hon. The Earl of Selborne, P.C.)


  • Blood Money
  • French Dressing


  • Touch the Stars

Radio Operetta

  • The Rose and the Violet (music by Mark Lubbock)

performed in 1942

Radio Play

  • The Caged Bird (An episode from The Private Life of Elizabeth, Empress of Russia - performed in 1957.)


Lines on Life and Love