Bareback Cowboy

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Bareback Cowboy (Saddle Up and Ride, #2)
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
  • ISBN: 9781419927027
  • Year: January 22, 2010
  • Genre: M/M Contemporary; Gay
  • Characters: Ethan Griggs, Bridger Collins
  • Setting: Information about the setting.
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Book Description

Series: Book 2 in the Saddle Up and Ride series.

Ethan Griggs is quite happy living on Justice River Ranch. He spends his days as head wrangler, tending to the horses he loves and the guests he’s learned to tolerate. When Bridger Collins arrives at the ranch, Griggs’ world is turned upside down. Despite his usual hands-off policy with the guests, he’s immediately drawn to the younger man.

Bridger thrives on the cowboy way of life. The son of one of the richest men in the country, Bridger would rather fix a fence than sit behind a desk counting his money. The sexual chemistry he seems to share with Griggs is simply icing on the cake.

With his week-long stay coming to a close, Bridger is forced to choose between the life he wants with Griggs and the life planned for him since birth.


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