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Book Description

Broken by an old curse that has claimed his two previous brides, Rory Maclean has spent the last eight years away at sea. Now, he returns home to broker a peace between the feuding Macleans and Campbells — and risks it all by letting the enemy into his heart.

Felicia Campbell can't believe her bad luck. In a fortnight, she's expected to wed a brutal man more than three times her age. She has no choice but to flee...but Felicia's fortune goes from bad to worse when, during her escape, she's abducted by her clan's enemy. She must now continue the masquerade or ignite a clan war that could destroy them all.

A seaman at heart, Rory Maclean longs to cut the ties that have bound him to a legacy of hatred and bloodshed. Still, with his clan in peril, he's returned home, hoping to broker peace between the Macleans and Campbells. But his men, believing he needs an heir, have stolen him a bride - a beautiful, spirited lass who ignites his passion and reawakens every fiber in his being. And tempts him to do the one thing he swore he'd never do: challenge again a century-old curse that had already claimed two brides and hardened his heart.


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