Bittersweets: A Taste Of Halloween

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The Horned Lord. Be Careful What You Call Forth on Halloween, serves as an entry into the three other short stories. What does a Demon think when he’s inadvertently called forth on All Hallows Eve? And what will he share with us? Horned Lord is a first person look inside the Dying Lord’s mind.

Out of the Woods. In the era after communism, Stas, a magical hit-man for the Russian Mafia, wants Misha, the cop, to love him. He’s willing to use magic to get what he wants. But when his spells finally come to fruition, it may be that Stas has taken on more than he bargained for.

Harvest. A bittersweet tale of the supernatural. The week between the winter solstice and Michaelmas blurs the boundary between this world and the next. What happens if you forget to burn your scarecrow at the close of the season? What happens if you fall in love with him?

Sugar Skull. Is your fate set? Twins Amado and Amada have very different lives in the outskirts of Puebla Mexico. When Amado accidentally takes the alfeñique meant for his sister and tastes her fate, does he want it more than his own?