Black Thunder

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Book Description

Raw, savage, and oh so hot!

After a bad break-up with her cheating boyfriend, Kira Sweet left her home in Jefferson City for a weekend of R&R at a Fox casino in Iowa. She loves that they use real money, not chips or tokens, and that the gorgeous waiters wear nothing but moccasins and breechcloths. All she wants is to win a little money, have a good time, and possibly some anonymous sex with one of the hunky men from the casino.

Black Thunder, a Native American ghost, has been haunting the Fox reservation for nearly 300 years, growing increasingly bitter with time. His family had been slaughtered by the French, his people driven to near extinction, and now, this beautiful woman, Kira, who carries the soul of the Frenchman who killed his wife and children, has dared to step foot on Fox soil. Kokopelli, a hunchback deity, assists him as he plans his revenge.

With the help of a medicine man, a waiter, and a tricky demi-god, Kira and Black Thunder will have to learn the value of forgiveness before they are both destroyed.


"Black Thunder immediately grabs the reader with an erotic scene that comes crashing to a startling end. From there, readers are taken on a mystical journey of intrigue, passion, and uncertainty." -- Jessica, Fallen Angel Reviews

"Miss George draws you in and doesn't let go until the very end. Black Thunder is a story about love and honor, death and retribution, forgiveness and release. It's a story with a message most of us long for in everyday life...that in the end, love really does conquer all." -- Diva Minx, Literary Nymphs