Blind Attraction

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Book Description

Subject: Connor Quinn
Family History: Wealthy inventor, long-lost sibling to the Extraordinary Five
Deepest Secret: His loss of vision is not his only blindness

Connor Quinn had been born blind and sent as a baby to live at an orphanage, never knowing his true origins as a child of Code Proteus. He'd compensated for his lack of sight with his creativity and brilliance--becoming a renowned inventor. Despite his achievements, Connor had shut himself away, unwilling to risk affection, or the vulnerability it led to. That was before child psychologist Alyssa Fielding challenged him to reveal the man behind the arrogant mask he'd constructed...and discover the siblings he'd never known. An ex-model, Alyssa knew that appearances could be deceiving, and beneath Connor’s cool façade lurked a passionate and loving man. Could she teach Connor that the sight that really mattered resided in the heart?