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Samhain Publishing, Ltd., founded with a goal of bringing to compulsive readers books that allow them to discover new worlds, and be taken on adventures through the creative minds of today’s brightest authors.

(Because this is a Romance Wiki, only Samhain's Romance titles are shown.)

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To Sort By Release Date (YY.MMDD) Book Title Anthology Title Series Author Genre Genre
06.0214 Maiden Flight Ladies Of The Lair Dragon Knights, Book 1 Bianca D'Arc Fantasy  
06.0314 Her Passion     Denise Belinda McDonald Contemporary  
06.0425 Angel Eyes     Jaycee Clark Suspense  
06.0523 Border Lair Ladies Of The Lair Dragon Knights, Book 2 Bianca D'Arc Fantasy  
06.0606 Seducing Simon     Maya Banks Contemporary  
06.0829 Ice Dragon, The   Dragon Knights, Book 3 Bianca D'Arc Fantasy  
06.0919 Deadly Mistakes     Denise Belinda McDonald Contemporary Suspense
06.1003 Colter's Woman     Maya Banks Contemporary  
06.1003 Kiss Me Deadly Talons   Shannon Stacey Paranormal  
06.1006 Night To Remember, A     Eve Vaughn Contemporary Interracial
06.1010 King Of Prey Talons   Mandy M. Roth Fantasy  
06.1017 Firebird Talons   Jaycee Clark Paranormal  
06.1024 Caged Desire Talons   Sydney Somers Paranormal  
06.1031 Lords Of The Were   Tales of the Were, Book 1 Bianca D'Arc Paranormal  
06.1031 Seize the Hunter Talons   Michelle M. Pillow Paranormal  
06.1219 Understood     Maya Banks Contemporary  
07.0116 Be Mine Caught by Cupid   Gwendolyn Cease Contemporary  
07.0116 Forever Valentine Caught by Cupid   Bianca D'Arc Paranormal  
07.0116 Overheard Caught by Cupid   Maya Banks Contemporary  
07.0206 Prince Of Spies   Dragon Knights, Book 4 Bianca D'Arc Fantasy  
07.0206 Reinvention Of Chastity, The     Eve Vaughn Interracial  
07.0220 Abhainn's Kiss In The Gloaming   Carolan Ivey Fantasy  
07.0220 Carinian's Seeker   Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 1 TJ Michaels Paranormal  
07.0320 Inn Crowd, The     Denise Belinda McDonald Contemporary  
07.0508 Undenied     Maya Banks Contemporary  
07.0529 Hara's Legacy   Resonance Mates, Book 1 Bianca D'Arc SciFi-Futuristic  
07.0710 Adrienne   Bron Universe Novel D. Renee Bagby Fantasy  
07.0710 Starkissed     Lanette Curington SciFi-Futuristic  
07.0724 Zandia     Tilly Greene SciFi-Futuristic  
07.0814 Stranded     Eve Vaughn Interracial  
07.0821 Serati's Flame   Vampire Council of Ethics, Book 2 TJ Michaels Paranormal  
07.0904 Brazen     Maya Banks Contemporary  
07.0911 Dragon Tamer I Dream of Dragons, Vol. 2   Kathleen Scott Fantasy  
07.0911 Dragons' Demon I Dream of Dragons, Vol. 1   Marie Harte Paranormal  
07.0911 Hard To Guard I Dream of Dragons, Vol. 2   Nina Mamone Paranormal  
07.0911 Knight's Challenge I Dream Of Dragons, Vol. 1   Summer Devon    
07.0911 Wings of Change I Dream of Dragons, Vol. 1   Bianca D'Arc Fantasy  
07.1009 Callye's Justice   Gateway Guardians, Book 1 Donica Covey Suspense  
07.1009 Mirage     Monica Burns Historical  
08.0122 Master Of Disaster     Lani Aames Paranormal  
08.0129 Spell For Susannah, A     Jody Wallace Fantasy  
08.0226 Immortal Illusions   Eternity Covenant, Book 2 Ursula Bauer Paranormal  
08.0318 Cowgirl Up And Ride   Rough Riders, Book 3 Lorelei James Western  
08.0325 Serenity   Gezane Universe Novel D. Renee Bagby Fantasy  
08.0617 Mistress To The Beast Ever After   Eve Vaughn Interracial  
08.0715 Survival of the Fairest     Jody Wallace Fantasy  
08.1101 Blood Ties Claimed Claimed story Cathryn Fox Paranormal  
08.1101 Empath Gifted Gifted story Bonnie Dee Paranormal  
08.1101 Future Found Claimed Claimed story Mima SciFi-Futuristic  
08.1101 Obey Me Gifted Gifted story Paige Cuccaro Paranormal  
08.1104 Persistence Of Dreams     Ann Warner Contemporary  
08.1104 Rough, Raw And Ready   Rough Riders, Book 5 Lorelei James Western  
08.1111 Catcher And The Lie, The     Rita Oberlies Contemporary  
08.1111 Englor Affair, The     J. L. Langley Gay-Lesbian  
08.1111 Head Over Heels: A Cinderella Story Ever After   Lena Matthews Contemporary  
08.1118 My Fair Monster   Monsters In Hollywood, Book 2 Lila Dubois Fantasy  
08.1118 Wishful Thinking   Swann Sisters Chronicles, Book 1 Evangeline Anderson Contemporary Paranormal
08.1125 By The Book   Jamesville, Book 6 N. J. Walters Contemporary  
08.1223 Sweet Charity Holiday Heat   Lauren Dane Contemporary  
08.1223 Unraveled Holiday Heat   Jaci Burton Contemporary  
09.0303 Branded As Trouble   Rough Riders, Book 6 Lorelei James Western  
09.0306 Faery Queen   Realm Immortal, Book 2 Michelle M. Pillow Fantasy  
09.0306 King Of The Unblessed   Realm Immortal, Book 1 Michelle M. Pillow Fantasy  
09.0306 Stone Queen   Realm Immortal, Book 3 Michelle M. Pillow Fantasy  
09.0811 Death, The Vamp And His Brother     Lexxie Couper Paranormal  
09.0811 Gypsy Legacy: The Earl   Gypsy Legacy, Book 3 Denise Patrick Historical  
09.0811 Jesse's Girl     Karen Erickson Contemporary  
09.0811 Luck Be Delanie   Chances Are Novel Shelli Stevens Contemporary  
09.0811 Sting Of Desire     Lilli Feisty Paranormal  
09.0814 Lessons In Love   Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 1 Charlie Cochrane Gay-Lesbian Historical
09.0814 Taste Of Temptation     Moira McTark Contemporary  
09.0818 Because Of You     Mari Carr Contemporary Suspense
09.0818 Cinderella Unmasked     Bonnie Dee and Marie Treanor Fantasy  
09.0818 Cowboy Plan, The     Denise Belinda McDonald Contemporary Western
09.0818 Grady's Awakening   Resonance Mates, Book 4 Bianca D'Arc SciFi-Futuristic  
09.0818 Killing Silk     Nathalie Gray SciFi-Futuristic  
09.0818 Selkie Island     Jorrie Spencer Paranormal Interracial
09.0821 Lessons In Desire   Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 2 Charlie Cochrane Gay-Lesbian Historical
09.0825 Catch Me In Castile     Kimberley Troutte Paranormal Suspense
09.0825 Midnight Effect, The     Pamela Fryer Paranormal Suspense
09.0825 No Surrender   Devlin Group, Book 3 Shannon Stacey Suspense  
09.0825 Shoulda Been A Cowboy   Rough Riders, Book 7 Lorelei James Western  
09.0825 Tempting Grace   Vaughn, Book 4 Anne Rainey Contemporary  
09.0901 All Fired Up     Kristen Painter Paranormal Contemporary
09.0901 Beneath The Surface     M. J. Fredrick Suspense  
09.0901 Her Chosen Wolf   Were Chronicles, Book 1 Renee Michaels Paranormal  
09.0901 Songbird   Linger story Maya Banks Contemporary  
09.0901 Tabloid Star     T. A. Chase Gay-Lesbian  
09.0904 His Convenient Husband   Innamorati, Book 1 J. L. Langley Gay-Lesbian Western
09.0904 Lessons In Discovery   Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 3 Charlie Cochrane Gay-Lesbian Historical
09.0908 Another Time Around     Catherine Wade Contemporary Paranormal
09.0908 Blade's Edge     Val Roberts SciFi-Futuristic  
09.0908 Dance Of The Dragon     Cathryn Fox Paranormal  
09.0908 Egyptian Demon's Keeper, The     Ciar Cullen Paranormal  
09.0908 Myla By Moonlight     Inez Kelley Fantasy Paranormal
09.0911 Bait And Switch   Frisky Business, Book 1 Ann Lory Contemporary  
09.0911 Rough Stock     Cat Johnson Western  
09.0915 Cabin Fever     Alisha Rai Paranormal  
09.0915 Demons Are Forever     Wynne Hayworth Paranormal  
09.0915 Heart Of The Volcano     Imogen Howson Fantasy  
09.0915 If You Believe   Unbelievable, Book 1 Crystal Jordan Contemporary  
09.0915 Primal Hunger   Pendragon Gargoyles, Book 1 Sydney Somers Paranormal  
09.0918 Forbidden: The Sacrifice   Forbidden, Book 1 Samantha Sommersby Paranormal  
09.0922 Coming Full Circle     Liz Andrews Contemporary  
09.0922 Damned By Blood   Faustin Brothers, Book 3 Evie Byrne Paranormal  
09.0922 Gone With The Monster   Monsters in Hollywood, Book 3 Lila Dubois Fantasy  
09.0922 Lessons In Power   Cambridge Fellows Mysteries, Book 4 Charlie Cochrane Gay-Lesbian Historical
09.0922 Lions' Pride   Duals and Donovan: The Different, Book 1 Teresa Noelle Roberts Paranormal  
09.0925 Knight Of Passion, A     Ingela F. Hyatt Historical  
09.0929 Bound By Design   Binding Ties story Natasha Moore Contemporary  
09.0929 Initiation Of Isabella, The   Binding Ties story Jenna Ives Contemporary  
09.0929 Maison Domine   Binding Ties story Skylar Kade Contemporary  
09.1002 Captain's Surrender     Alex Beecroft Gay-Lesbian Historical
09.1002 Hunting Season   Gathering, Book 1 Shelly Laurenston Paranormal  
09.1006 Angelic Avenger   Angelic Avengers, Book 1 Kaye Chambers Paranormal  
09.1006 Candy Houses   Grimm's Circle, Book 1 Shiloh Walker Paranormal  
09.1006 Knight Dreams   Knights of the Swan, Book 1 C.C. Wiley Historical  
09.1006 Star Flyer     Bonnie Dee SciFi-Futuristic Gay-Lesbian
09.1006 Virtually Hers   Virtually, Book 2 Gennita Low Suspense SciFi-Futuristic
09.1009 Dance On The Wilde Side   Cannon Pack, Book 2 Beverly Rae Paranormal  
09.1009 Force Of Attraction   Project Exorcism, Book 2 Mandy M. Roth SciFi-Futuristic Paranormal
09.1013 Alexandra's Legacy     N. J. Walters Paranormal  
09.1013 Hotter Than Hell     Raine Weaver Paranormal  
09.1013 Love Me More     Kelly Jamieson Contemporary  
09.1013 Love, Like Ghosts   Bay City Paranormal Investigations story Ally Blue Gay-Lesbian Paranormal
09.1013 Sounds To Die By   Sensory Ops, Book 1 Nikki Duncan Suspense  
09.1016 Forbidden: The Ascension     Samantha Sommersby Paranormal  
09.1020 Midnight Falls   Children Of The Goddess, Book 4 R. G. Alexander Paranormal  
09.1020 Pink Buttercream Frosting     Lissa Matthews Contemporary  
09.1020 Proof Of Life   Super Agent Series, Book 3 Misty Evans Suspense  
09.1020 Satin Spar     Kim Knox SciFi-Futuristic  
09.1020 Seeking Kiss, The   Midnight Playground, Book 1 Eden Bradley    
09.1020 Trinity     Lauren Dane Paranormal