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Brava is an imprint from Kensington Books started in 2004, devoted to erotic/sensual romance. Kensington has been around since 1974. Kensington publishes romance under various imprints including but not limited to: Kensington Books (hardcovers and trade papers), Zebra Books (Ballad historical romances, contemporary romances, Bouquet contemporary category romances, westerns, horrors and humorous books--making up approximately 20 titles per month), Pinnacle Books (commercial thriller and true crime fiction, as well as Encanto bilingual romances), and Brava.

Note from Editorial Director, Kate Duffy

I am frequently on panels at writer's conferences and invariably there is one where I am seated with editors from competing publishing houses. Someone will ask, "What do you think the next new trend will be? Where do you think the market is going?" Well, why on earth would I tell those other editors?

But I'll tell you—this is it—erotic romance. And in February, Kensington will launch an imprint, BRAVA, which will only feature the very best and most commercial historical and contemporary erotic romance.

Erotic romance is sexual love and desire combined with deep emotional commitment. It is not erotica. It is, first and foremost, romance, exemplified by its sexual expression.

This light bulb went on when I examined what and whom I liked to read. I then worked on an erotic romance anthology called Captivated and learned from four of the great writers of erotic romance of all time—Bertrice Small (whose editor I already was), Susan Johnson (I was and am a huge fan), Thea Devine (ditto) and Robin Schone (who amazed me when she delivered the manuscript of the first book of hers I bought, The Lady's Tutor). Something I believed in for a couple of years was suddenly right before me—erotic romance and I knew these were the women I had to work with and learn from.

I am delighted to report that all four of these incredible talents will be part of BRAVA with both full-length novels and novellas for inclusion in upcoming anthologies.

I've looked around and nobody but nobody understands the character and the nature of erotic romance like Kensington. It is romance. It is sexy. It is wonderful.

Sincerely, Kate Duffy



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