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Published Books

Gothic Blood SERIES / Billock Books August 2015 The intriguingly beautiful recluse, Valentina Wells doesn’t know a life beyond her estate. When her mother dies, leaving her without family, alone with servants, her instincts of survival take over—thrusting her toward the perilous needs of her once bridled nature. Then she meets a stranger—a man she is drawn to—a man she can use to help her seek out the answers to long buried secrets. As her heart warms to Nathan’s presence, she wonders if he can be the savior of her broken heart too, or is her thoughts of love a state of mind for the want of companionship?

The more Valentina surrenders to Nathan, the more she discovers about herself and she begins to fear she won’t be unable to keep Nathan safe from the evil from which she had spawned.

When roguishly handsome, Nathan Hathorne meets the mysterious young lady, Valentina, he sets his sights on bedding her as he has with all women he has coveted for his pleasure. Then, as he spends time with her, he finds himself interested in a darker objective—her fortune. But there’s something more intriguing then her wealth that keeps him captivated. It turns his thoughts from self-serving to protective, and he soon finds himself falling for Valentina as he never believed possible.

In the deadliest journey of his life, helping Valentina learn the secrets to her existence, Nathan realizes that his love might not be strong enough against an immortal’s dangerous desires.

Vulnerable to Love / Billock Books October 2015 House builder, Mallory Parker's attraction to client, Brady Parker comes with a few problems and the greatest is his psychotic ex-fiancé who's out to kill her. But she's not ready to give up the sexy man vulnerable to love.

Spanking the Goddess / Billock Books August 2015 Chosen to become a goddess, Calandra has foreseen something greater. When she is taken up from her mortal world and thrust into the arms of a servant to the gods, she must endure all tests to learn the extent of her powers. But there is a shadow in her vision that she has not figured out yet, and worries its a pivotal point of her failure or success. Could that key element be her long-time attraction to the Dog Star?

The Dog Star, Sirius, half god and half man, would rather not have anything to do with the games the gods play. When he meets Calandra, a mortal lust begins to guide his thoughts and evoke his suppressed emotions. He sees beauty in Calandra’s perfect form and it draws him into the intense feelings he’s always avoided. But Sirius also senses a greatness in Calandra’s pure soul causing him to fear losing her to a predestined fate.

His Lady Vampire / Billock Books October 2014 Gade hunts and kills vampires. Tanith is his weakness, a sexy blonde vampire he’s fallen in love with. While sporting a sharp wit, she hides her feelings from the vampire hunter, fearing Gade isn’t as serious about a relationship as he is about the hot sex they share.

When a mishap occurs putting him near death, he lets her change him into a vampire. Then things really begin to heat up as well as get dangerous between the two. Her maker is a cruel vampire that doesn’t like to share. But Gade can’t ever see himself losing, his lady vampire.

Gypsy Wolves: Tornan's Curse / Billock Books June 2015 In the dark, foreboding Black Forest of Transylvania, the beautiful gypsy, Galena travels to her arranged marriage with the master wolf hunter of Dragomir. But en route, a mysterious man that commands wolves abducts her and under the spell of a gypsy hex, she is seduced into submitting her innocence to her enigmatic captor’s lust.

Surrendering to the carnal decadence, Galena embarks on a torrid affair. Torn between trusting a man that makes her tremble with desire and fearing the wolves he masters, she soon makes a choice to escape, never knowing of the dire consequences.

Count Tornan Wolvraine has lived his life as a man cursed by a gypsy. With his ability to shape shift into a wolf, he survives on instinct instead of emotions. When he hears of the impending marriage of the master wolf hunter to a gypsy, he knows he has to stop the union by any means, including killing the bride.

But once Galena’s in his clutches, Tornan feels the draw of a long ago prophesy. Ensnared by the enchantment, he acts upon animalistic impulse with both the lust of a man and a beast in a ritual mating that requires his pack of wolf-shifter’s to bare witness to.

In the end, Tornan and Galena must face something more dangerous than a gypsy curse—they must survive the master wolf hunter’s vengeance?

Irresitible Under the Mistletoe / Billock Books November 2014 Two Christmas stories combined into one book.

Crystal Love

On a return trip home after eight years, Crystal has an accident in a snow storm and is rescued by long lost love, Evan. And while both their lives are complicated, she can't resist spending one night with him. When he asks her to stay forever, she doesn't feel it's right to be in the way of his over love. Nor does she think she should abandon her commitments in the city. But how does she say goodbye to the happiness she and Evan have shared again?

Peppermint Kisses

Max has the hots for his best friend's sexy sister-in-law, and Temperance is all in for the sexual romp in her sister's house when left alone with Max. But went the homeowners come home, can Max get dressed before their exhilarating rendezvous is exposed or will their secret attraction be revealed?

When the Wolves Whisper / Billock Books March 2015 When Nikita Gant is attacked by lecherous wolves, she doesn't expect one to nobly come to her rescue. Nor does she understand why she's so hot for the handsome man mysteriously living in her grandfather's house.

Leader of the Wolfgar wolves, Trevor Darke wants to breed in order to carry on his name, and he's determined to have the grand-daughter of the previous leader. For a long time, a picture of the young woman who was strangely sent away before he knew her has captivated him, so he lures her home.

Unlike the other wolves that try attacking her with animal lust, he chooses seductive persuasion. But will Nikita succumb to her unexplainable sexual cravings for him, or turn him away when he adamantly claims he just wants a baby and not a real commitment.

An Unbridled Lust Siren/Bookstrand Amazon Kindle January 7, 2013 Brinley Pageant lives a life of servitude to a bitterly cruel aunt. When her ambitious plan of escape washes away with the death of her brother, she looks to his employer, a wealthy merchant ship’s handsome captain, for a way out of her dire circumstances. Him! Loose Id Publishing 2013 - Electronic ISBN: 978-1-62300-217-6 Unable to get over the painful breakup with her ex-love, a heartbroken young woman is outraged when she learns to obtain her inheritance she has to be Handcuffed…to Him!

Night Wolfing Scavengers Books Amazon Kindle January 23, 2011 Blood wolves are on the prowl, marking one woman for mating. Can she survive the night?

A Wicked Wolf Red Sage Publishing November 1, 2010 - Electronic ISBN: Real estate agent Randi Brown goes after the billion-dollar deal of a lifetime and encounters danger surrounding the sexy owner of the land she wants. Nick Wolfe withdrew from life after the murder of his wife, and he doesn’t want to give into his sudden lust for the beautiful woman he finds on his mountain. But Nick can’t control a basic need in his nature that leads him into a torrid affair where falling in love with Randi can be hazardous to his sanity and to her health.

Naked Sin Red Sage Publishing 2010 - Electronic ISBN: 978-1-60310-519-4 The handsome commander of an intergalactic cargo ship hires a gorgeous servitor only to discover she hides a secret that may destroy his life.

Sahara Heat Red Sage Publishing 2010 - Electronic ISBN: 978-1-60310-438-8 When the beautiful Arabian slave girl Sabra is sold to the Sultan for his harem, little can be done to change her future. Then she meets the Sultan’s favorite son, the alluringly attractive Amir Xavier Hasan. Forbidden to be touched by another man, Sabra becomes Xavier’s obsession, and when the eunuch Trey, assigned to her sexual tutoring suggests he assist, Xavier succumbs to the decadence and the danger of falling in love with her.

A Pirate's Mercy / Liquid Silver Books 2010 - Electronic ISBN: A pirate makes a grave error in judgment, by trading the lady he loves for an island paradise.

A Maiden of Mercy Dragon Fighter Romance - Book 2 Red Sage Publishing February 1, 2009

Dogging / Billock Books 2015 Julian’s instant affection for his friend’s sister, Tabitha threatens to destroy his chances at winning her guarded heart, unless he can prove his feelings run deeper than the lust he shows when they engage in the very public exhibition of sex called dogging.

Tempting Her Heart Billock Books April 2015 When desperation leads to deception, and sex becomes love, forgiveness is only a heartbeat away.

Seducing His Lordship Loose Id 2009 - Electronic ISBN: 978-1-59632-958-4 A feisty lady of the ton is ready to seduce the viscount until he shows her his inner beast.

Hell Hath No Fury Loose Id March 2009 ~ Electronic ISBN: 978-1-59632-890-7 Fallon and Grayson aren’t in for an easy journey to find true love when Hell Hath No Fury like an ex-boyfriend, a serial killer, and a few women spurned.

Undercover Lovers Billock Books February 2015 When desperation leads to deception, and sex becomes love, forgiveness is only a heartbeat away.

Fiachra's Druid Prince Billock Books March 2015 Is a handsome warrior a woman’s ally or her kidnapper?

Slave of Saharic Billock Books February 2015 When desperation leads to deception, and sex becomes love, forgiveness is only a heartbeat away.

Morgandy's Lover Loose Id May 2008 ~ Electronic ISBN: 978-1-59632-703-0 Morgandy desires love. Hunt requires a child to break a gypsy’s hex. When she finds him lying naked in a pasture, she can't resist his hard muscled body. There's just one problem: she's supposed to marry his brother.

A Damsel in Distress Red Sage Publishing March 2008 ~ Electronic ISBN: 978-1-60310-174-5 A dragon rider fights to save a damsel that's captured his heart.

Bedding A Mermaid Billock Books April 2015 A mermaid's tale may just lure a man to his eternal death or salvation.

A Sinful Tiger Loose Id October 2007 ~ Electronic ISBN: 978-1-59632-557-9 When a rapacious beast hungers to mate, should a woman reject a sinful tiger?

A Desperate Longing /Samhain Publishing August 14, 2007 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-203-X June 24, 2008 ~ Print ISBN: 978-1-59998-801-6 Escaping a serial rapist, doesn't always mean surviving insanity.

Blood Stained / Billock Books August 2015 The law is their profession, but love is their ultimate goal.

One Bashful Lady /Samhain Publishing May 15, 2007 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-198-X March 25, 2008 ~ Print ISBN: 978-1-59998-745-3 When a Marquess marries a bashful lady, he is challenged to keep her from hiding behind the drapes.

A Beautiful Surrender /Samhain Publishing February 13, 2007 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-188-2 November 27, 2007 ~ Print ISBN: 1-59998-430-X A princess, desperate for a husband finds an arrogant duke almost too charming to ignore.

Devil's Kiss /Samhain Publishing November 2006 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-161-0 February 20, 2007 ~ Print ISBN: 1-59998-362-1 What do you get when you put a lustful, silver-tongued devil in the path of a hard-hearted woman fighting love? Sparks and something even hotter…

An Enchanting Warlock Billock Books April 2015 In the world of witches, magic can be dangerous, especially when new lovers have to deal with a killer, an ancient ritual, and a secret power only one can control.

Wolverton Blood /Samhain Publishing August 22, 2006 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-087-8 November 21, 2006 ~ Print ISBN: 1-59998-292-7 Shape-shifters threaten more than a woman's sanity, when she mates the leader of the pack.

Sword of Rhoswen /Samhain Publishing March 14, 2006 ~ Electronic ISBN: 1-59998-014-2 June 20, 2006 ~ Print ISBN: 1-59998-119-X The Silver Dragon is a myth, so they say. But legends are often born from life.

A Tavern Wench to Bed Dragon Fighter Romance - Book 3 Red Sage Publishing September 2011 - Electronic ISBN:

Under Her Brass Corset Carina Press February 27, 2012 - Electronic ISBN: