Carnal Innocence - Nora Roberts

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Book Description

Concert violinist Caroline Waverly comes to Innocence, Mississippi to recover after a breakdown -- both physical and emotional. She believes that spending time in the house she inherited from her grandparents will cure the ills of a non-stop touring schedule and the betrayal she suffered when she caught her ex-fiance with another woman. But before Caroline can start to rest, she's caught up in a string of murders happening in the sleepy town of Innocence -- the most recent happens on Caroline's property.

Tucker Longstreet, a local rich kid with a high tolerance for laziness, knew all of the dead women, and it's no surprise when the Federal investigators start to sniff around him. Tucker's main concern is the fact that Caroline, to whom he's attracted -- a scary thought for an unabashed ladies' man -- seems to be the target of deranged psycho.

The sultry Mississippi setting of the novel contrasts with the violence and fear gripping the town. Nora Roberts blends suspense with excellent characterization, filling her novel with fully developed characters, to make this a favorite read -- meanwhile, Tucker Longstreet continues to top reader's lists of favorite romance heroes.