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Cata Network Readers Lounge is an online journal for romance readers which includes columns about all sorts of issues pertaining to readers. The Cata Network Readers' Lounge is a hub for all things Cata Network and Romance providing romance in the news, announcements, author columns, interviews and more!


The Lounge is a centralized spot linking CataRomance (for category romance), ECataromance (for romance ebooks), Single Titles (for single romance titles) and other internet sites on the topic of romance and ebooks. It also provides a message board and group-mail for discussions. Includes:

  • Epinions - a monthly feedback column where readers are invited to reply with their opinion on the topic.
  • Tech Talk - a semi regular column about technical things.
  • Click ‘N Discuss - a feedback column concentraing on websites readers might be interested in.


It is a network with member authors:

  • Aysel Arwen
  • Bronwyn Jameson
  • Charlene Sands
  • Cher Gorman
  • Dana Marton
  • Diana Laurence
  • Kate Walker
  • Linda Andrews
  • Liz Fielding
  • Madison Chase
  • Pam Champagne
  • Renee George
  • Shawn M. Casey
  • Susan Vaughan
  • Sylvia Day


Cata Network Reviewers Choice Awards are presented by this organization. See 2006 Ecataromance Reviewers' Choice Award.

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