Cheating Chance

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Can a one night stand ever be anything more? Nevada Gaming Control Agent, Nick O’Mally, and Riverside Vice Detective, Brandon Carr, try to answer this question as they probe a world of cheating, murder, drugs and money laundering. Time and again the investigation derails their relationship until Brandon is forced to choose between staying in the closet and saving Nick’s life.

Cheating Chance is a highly erotic, romantic detective novel. Nick and Brandon’s relationship, existing within the context of the Gothic sub-culture, is the primary focus of the book. Gathering evidence on in-house tampering with electronic games and laundering drug money through casino concessions brings them together. Both Brandon’s habit of hiding under a heterosexual façade and the investigation drive wedges between them. Their sexual interaction impels many plot points in the novel, including defective hinges on hearses and bondage safe words. They must overcome all personal and outside obstacles before they can create a meaningful bond and the hope of a future together.