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Cheyenne Publishing is an independent publisher of quality LGBT novels and anthologies, specializing in historical fiction, Romance, and young adult fiction. Our adult fiction is culled from the best writers in gay historical fiction today including Alex Beecroft, Erastes, and Lee Rowan.

We also take special pride in our young adult line that can readily be recommended to gay teens.

Cheyenne Publishing was founded in 2007 by Mark R. Probst, and has only recently expanded into a small press with a creative team of authors.

Our objective is to nurture LGBT historical fiction into becoming the new wave of LGBT fiction.

Our Romance Books

  • The Filly by Mark R. Probst
  • Ransom by Lee Rowan
  • Winds of Change by Lee Rowan
  • Eye of the Storm by Lee Rowan
  • Home is the Sailor by Lee Rowan
  • Walking Wounded by Lee Rowan
  • L.A. Mischief by P.A. Brown
  • Normal Miguel by Erik Orrantia
  • A Hundred Little Lies by Jon Wilson

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