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Book Description

Studio musician Cal Briscoe has it bad for his best friend's girl, and when Brady Garriston announces his engagement, Cal realizes he will never have a chance with the lovely and exciting Ellie Shaw. Losing interest in his work and discouraged with his love life, he decides to leave the city behind...and hopefully his feelings for Ellie. He accepts Brady's offer of use of the Garriston/Shaw home in Dareville, and is shocked to discover one amenity...Ellie's friend Sue Carmichael. Seems Ellie neglected to mention that she had allowed Sue to stay there, too!

Cal and Sue are the Odd Couple of Dareville, dancing on each other's nerves as they try to make the best of the situation. But how long will it be before Sue and Cal kill each other...or wind up in bed?

Book Two of the Dareville Stories.


  • 2006 Fruity Awards - 2nd Place Pansexual Category

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  • 4 Stars from RTBookClub! "Ellwood's story is warm and enjoyable. And it's nice to see that although Cal and Brady aren't young men, they are just as hot as the younger heroes romance readers are accustomed to." - Leigh Rowling
  • 5 Angels from Fallen Angel Reviews: "Dare Me by Leigh Ellwood will meet and beat your expectations of an erotic read. From one lust-filled encounter to another, Dare Me takes you into a world of erotic pleasures. From the moment the story begins until the end, you are drawn into a world of lust, sex and cravings of the body. Is this a world where maybe love can beat all odds and win out?"
  • 4 Dolls from Erotic Romance Reviews for Women: "'Dare Me' is a wonderful little romp of a story. It hooked me immediately with the quite humorous start of a sex tryst gone wrong. As Cal ended up jumping from a balcony to escape a brute of a boyfriend bent on test-driving him, I knew I'd enjoy this one. If you're looking for a good, light read, then this book is definitely for you." - Kay Derwydd
  • 4 Cups from Coffee Time Romance: "Cal and Sue are enchanting characters who fit together very well. Their relationship progresses at a realistic pace. The sensual tension between them crackles with almost visible energy. The sex scenes are hot enough to send a reader's intimate lingerie up in flames. Brady and Ellie are terrific supporting characters who add a lot of zip to the story. The plot line is intriguing and kept my eyes riveted to the pages."
  • 4 Ribbons from Romance Junkies: "Ellwood's heroes are tender and tough, as well as blatantly sexual and unafraid to indulge in anything that will bring them and their partners pleasure, making DARE ME a truly erotic and romantic read!"
  • 4 Stars from May Reviews: "The characters are active and the storyline interesting and the flow is smooth. The author leaves us with the brewing of a new plot if she wishes to indulge or with a satisfactory ending if she doesn't. Lots of hot sex..." Polly
  • 5 Stars from May Reviews: "Ms. Ellwood has written a scorcher of a romance. Sexy! Sizzling! Hot! All can be said about this book. A must read for Ms Ellwood fans and those who can't get enough of hot steamy romances! This was a book I could not put down from the comedic beginning thru the hot sex scenes to the exploding end. I for one am hoping for a follow up story." Christy - Reviewer for MayReviews.com
  • "With strong characters and a good storyline, the reader will have an erotic ride with the upheavals of romance to add to this tasty morsel of a tale." - TCM Reviews