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Dareville is a series of erotic romance novels and stories written by Leigh Ellwood for Phaze. As described on Ms. Ellwood's website:

Dareville is more than a place...it's a sensual state of mind, proof that great passion can be found in the smallest of towns. Dareville isn't based on any town or place in particular, but it is a place I often come to where I need inspiration. You could also say it's place people visit when they want to come often.

The name "Dareville" is derived from the word dare as applied to erotic romance, and from the proper name Dare, which is synonymous with Virginia (Virginia Dare being the first of the settlers born in the US; Dare is a common name found in the area). Each title in the series uses the word dare in some form.

Published Books and Stories in The Dareville Series

Forthcoming Books and Stories in The Dareville Series

  • Dare to Dream (novel)
  • Dare Devils (novella)
  • Daring Red (novella)

Related Books

Cast of Characters

  • Ellie Shaw - Dareville resident and elementary school teacher, Brady's love interest
  • Brady Garriston - Legendary rock musician, AKA Gary Stone, Ellie's love interest and Claire's former lover
  • Cal Briscoe - Studio musician, Brady's best friend and Sue's love interest
  • Sue Carmichael - Professional photographer, Cal's love interest
  • Lauren McKenna - Elementary school teacher, Jake's love interest
  • Jake Marbury - Dareville's grocer, Lauren's love interest
  • Claire Walker - NYC Lawyer, Brady's former lover and JJ's love interest
  • Jake Marbury, Jr. (JJ) - Real estate agent, Jake's son and Claire's love interest
  • Redding Marbury (Red) - Journalist/publisher, Jake's son
  • Jared Wilton - Journalism student
  • Marlene Robeson - retired accountant, friend of Jake's
  • Chet Robeson - Marlene's ex-husband
  • Melissa Phillips - Brady's daughter from first marriage; graduate student