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Series Description

The Demonica series is a series of books by Larissa Ione about the brothers who run a hospital for demons in the underworld. Each book has a new hero and heroine.

Events in this series lead on to the beginning of the Lords Of Deliverance series, also by Ione.


  1. Pleasure Unbound - July 2008 (Protagonists: Eidolon and Tayla Mancuso)
  2. Desire Unchained - February 2009 (Protagonists: Shade and Runa Wagner)
  3. Passion Unleashed - March 2009 (Protagonists: Wraith and Serena Kelley)
  4. Ecstasy Unveiled - February 2010 (Protagonists: Lore Donelly and Idess)
  5. "Eternity Embraced" in The Mammoth Book of Vampire Romance 2 - September 2009 (Protagonists: Andrea Cole and Kaden Quinn)
  6. Sin Undone - August 2010 (Protagonists: Sinead Donnelly and Conall Dearghul)
  7. "Vampire Fight Club" in Supernatural - September 2011 (Protagonists: Vladlena Paskelkov and Nathan)