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Dixie Burrus Browning was born September 9, 1930 in North Carolina, and is the author of 104 novels. Her first novels were published in 1976 by Avalon. She often writes about the North Carolina region, particularly the Outer Banks where her family has lived since the 17th century.

After publishing her 104th book, Browning found that the thrill of writing had left her. She turned to painting and drawing, and is an accomplished, well-known painter whose work is owned by collectors such as Nora Roberts and Andy Griffith. The daughter of baseball player Maurice Lennon "Dick" Burrus, and has co-written historical romance novels with her sister, Mary Burrus Williams under the name Bronwyn Williams. Browning began her career writing under the name Zoe Dozier.

The award-winning author is a five-time RITA finalist, winning the 1983 Golden Medallion in the Contemporary Sweet category for her novel Renegade Player. She wrote 21 novels for the Silhouette Romance line.



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