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Electronic publishers such as Ellora's Cave Publishing, Hard Shell Word Factory and Mojocastle Press publish and distribute their books primarily online. Electronic books are generally made available to readers via download or on disk. Readers can then read the book at their computer or print the book themselves. These books are known as e-books.

Though romance novels have been available as e-books since at least 1998, there has been a strong push by traditional publishers to offer their more erotic lines as e-books. For example, Avon Red will be available as e-books as well. Conversely, Ellora's Cave Publishing, which started out as a purely electronic publisher, is now making its books available in traditional retail outlets such as Barnes and Noble.

Red Sage Publishing, Inc. publish and distribute their books primarily online and distributed via Amazon Kindle, Borders.com, Barnes and Noble.com, Content Reserve, Fictionwise, Ingram Digital, Mobipocket which are considered major eBook distributors and will expand distribution as the technology expands.

Electronic Publishers

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