Ellora's Cavemen: Legendary Tails IV

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A Love Eternal By N.J. Walters Sitting alone on a bridge late one night, Genevieve Alexander laments her safe, boring life. But when she attracts the attention of a dangerous, mysterious stranger known only as Seth, her entire world changes.

Accompanying him on his nocturnal journey through the dark streets and into the throbbing nightlife of the city, he introduces her to a world of sensual desires unlike anything she's ever experienced. But Seth has a terrifying secret. Will she be able to throw off the shackles of her past and accept the risks that come with being with this sexy, compelling man?

Keeper of Tomorrows By Ravyn Wilde Raine opened her door late one night to a tall, dark haired man. A man from another dimension who swears he's waited centuries just for her. Will a passionate night of show and tell convince Raine of her destiny?

Talon needs his Keeper to accept him as the man he truly is. Their worlds, all worlds, need a matched Guardian pair to save mankind from untold evil. This may be his last chance to persuade her of what a life together might be like. He can offer her adventure, love, and his body for eternity. Will it be enough?

Orgasm Fairy By Ashleigh Raine , Ashleigh Raine For Orgasm Fairy Cammie Witherspoon, frustration is a way of life. She helps people deal with their sexual frustration every day, but nothing and no one can help ease her own. You see, Orgasm Fairies can't orgasm. It's part of their curse.

Crystal-eyed, dark haired, and all-over hottie Neal Fallon is determined to seduce Cammie. And even though nothing can "come" of it, she knows Neal will make her feel more than she's felt in a very long time.

Boy oh boy, is she in for a wicked good surprise.

Overcome By Marly Chance "Have you ever been ravished?" The question uttered in that sexy masculine voice sent Ansley reeling. Held captive on a hostile planet and scheduled for interrogation, agent Ansley Morgan is shocked when her former partner appears. She is even more surprised to discover that he is supposed to be her Enraptor, paid by the enemy to forcibly seduce her into revealing information. Is he there to help her or betray her?

Secrets We Keep By Mandy M Roth Trisha hasn't been able to keep a lasting relationship to save her life. When one of the string of losers she dates asks her to marry him, she says yes, thinking it beats being alone. Besides, the man of her dreams doesn't view her as anything more than friend.

Dane can't get his best friend Trisha out of his head. She consumes his every thought. He's wanted her for seven years but mating with a human is forbidden. It's not every day a human learns of their existence and it's not every day a lycan gives himself over to someone unconditionally.

Seeds of Yesterday By Jaid Black The wealthy and influential Hunter family never thought much of Trina Pittman. Born on the wrong side of the tracks, Trina wasn't considered a worthy choice of a friend for their daughter, Amy. Being disliked by Amy's parents had been tough on Trina while growing up, but putting up with Amy's older brother, Daniel, had been brutal. Those dark, brooding eyes of his had followed her around high school - judging her, reminding her she'd never be good enough for them. It was almost a relief when Amy was shipped off to boarding school, permanently forcing the two girls apart. Fifteen years later, Amy's tragic death reunites Trina with her past...and with Daniel.


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