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Erastes is a penname of a female author who lives in Norfolk, She started to write gay historical fiction because she couldn't find any other than the very few that were on the market, such as Gaywyck by Vincent Virga and the novels of Mary Renault.

On the Web


  • Junction X A love story between a closeted, married man and the boy next door. Set in surburban England of the 1960's, Junction X holds a mirror up to our modern times for comparison. Available on Amazon and in bookshops in ebook and print.
  • Mere Mortals Set in the Norfolk Broads, England, Mere Mortals is a gothic mystery. Published by Lethe Press in Spring 2011 Available on Amazon and in bookshops in print and ebook


Short Stories

  • The Blue Train - published in Riding the Rails by Bold Stroke Books
  • Right Hand Man - published in Unmasked II, more erotic tales of gay superheroes by STARbooks.
  • Whatever the Risk - published in the Queer Dimensions anthology by Queered Fiction
  • The Snow Queen - published in the I DO anthology by MLR Press
  • Drug Colours published in Lethe Press' "Best Gay Short Stories"
  • Show Don't Tell - published in March 2008's MEN Magazine.
  • Right Hand Man - to be published in “Superqueeroes”
  • Ribinks - published in The Drabbler Magazine
  • His Story Teller - runner up in Torquere Press' "Do it yourself" competition
  • Sin of the Tongue published in the Blasphemy anthology by Torquere Press
  • Lifeline published in the Chance Encounters anthology by Torquere Press


Erastes was the Director of the Erotic Authors Association for 3 years and is a member of the Historical Novel Society She's the owner of Speak Its Name - the only resource on the web dedicated to gay historical fiction

Other Information

Erastes is represented by James Schiavone of the Schiavone Literary Agency