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July 1992 saw the launch in hardback (September paperback) of Mills & Boon's Euromance series. In the first year they published one title in the Mills & Boon Romance series as a Euromance, with each of the twelve novels set in a different EU country. From September 1993 they switched to publishing two Euromance novels each month, with "one set in one of your favourite European countries, and one on a fascinating European island." Unfortunately not all of those are included in this list. At least some were published by Harlequin, in the Postcards From Europe series. Unfortunately, at least one of the books listed as a Euromance on the Mills & Boon Romance By The Numbers list (Calypso's Island) did not seem to have the Euromance logo on its cover. Conversely, Jessica Steele's Hungarian Rhapsody did have the Euromance logo on its cover, but is not listed. Despite the statement concerning the expansion in the line (taken from one of the pages inside a non-Euromance novel, Roberta Leigh's Give a Man a Bad Name) there do not seem to be two Euromances listed for every month from September 1993.