Fangs Over America

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Fangs over America

Book Description

Fangs over America is the fourth and final vampire book in the Vamp Camp series by Wynn Wagner.

It was published in 2012 by Dreamspinner Press and is Wagner's 19th book, his 5th for Dreamspinner Press.

The novel is listed as "part four of a trilogy" but has been seen as a stand-alone book. Users and critics say Fangs defies the normal path of sequels not being as good as the first volume.


Mårten Larsson is one of the richest bloodsuckers ever, but his unlife isn’t exactly a flight in the park. There are some things money can’t buy—like an instruction manual on what to do when the vampire queen quits and leaves you in charge of Europe. Suddenly Mårten has to juggle politics, his royal wardrobe, and this newfangled thing called “e-mail.” And his German still sucks.

But hey, Mårten can handle it. After all, he (sort of) survived World War I, being married to two voraciously horny vampires (at the same time), and life as a sniper taking out the most dangerous vamps in history. A little responsibility should be no problem… right?

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