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  • 2006 Eppie Finalist
  • 2004 P.E.A.R.L. Finalist - Best Futuristic Romance
  • 2005 PEARL Awards, Honorable Mention, Best New Author
  • 2005 Affaire De Coeur Readers/Reviewers Choice Awards, Finalist
  • 2005 Desert Rose Golden Quill Awards, Finalist
  • 2005 Beacon Awards, Third Place
  • 2004 JADA Press Book Of The Year Awards, Honorable Mention


5 Stars! Well done and very romantic... a true page turner! ~ Cindy Lynn Speer, Affaire De Coeur

This futuristic romance is one that you won’t want to miss! ~ Cy Korte, and PNR Reviews

5 Blue Ribbons. FORCED MATE is one of the best science fiction romances I’ve read all year. ~ Nicole Hulst,

5 Roses! FORCED MATE absolutely ROCKS! ~ Brenda Thatcher, EscapeToRomance.

Sex was a serious matter, a grim pleasure, or so he’d always thought. It had never been an occasion for laughter or irreverent conversation—until Djinni accused him of fishy mating habits, and since then he hadn’t taken sex seriously at all.

Lovemaking had never been such fun. Much as he’d longed for her to know and accept the truth about him, he didn’t want this blissful intimacy to end. The truth could wait. She had given him an idea. A very wicked idea. A perfect excuse for the remaining rut-raged days and nights of debauchery and deception to come.

“I want to do it all,” he breathed. “I want to make love to you according to the ways of every sexually reproducing species in all the Communicating Worlds. Every one. From frogs to Great Djinn. After that, we’ll work up to thrusting Tantric sex.”

“Oh, Stars,” she gasped.

“And I take that as informed consent.”

I read a lot of books because I review them, but I only really like about one out of every 4-6. Three books are sitting on my table half read right now because I can't put FORCED MATE down! ~ K C Heath,

A total hoot... one of the best and funniest Sci-Fi Romances I’ve read.” ~ Linnea Sinclair, author of Finders Keepers

Great story with a twist on the Alien abduction Theme! If you decide to read FORCED MATE, get ready to have your nose glued to the pages for a little while, as I couldn't put this story down! ~ Cynthia Lovett, PNR

5 Angels! Rowena Cherry has crafted a fantastic tale of political intrigue, action, and humor that had me whipping through this 320 page novel in one night. I laughed so hard I cried. ~ Izzy, Fallen Angel Reviews

A very original, complex and highly creative futuristic read that I found to be immensely entertaining. ~ Marilyn Rondeau, The Best Reviews