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Genesis (Descendants of the Light Series Book 2)

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Cover Art by Bryan Keller


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Book Description

In the land of Zerus, a strange ailment is slowly wiping out the inhabitants of the land. Willing to do anything to save their people, King Rohman and his brothers make a pact with the Ancient Ones. In exchange for learning the whereabouts of the last remaining The’Rans, a people known for their great healing powers, the brothers agree to take the The’Ran women they locate as brides. To the astonishment of the Ceyans, the last remaining The’Rans are on an unheard-of planet called Earth and these The’Rans have no knowledge of their legacy.

Genesis Johnson is fast losing control of her well-ordered life. She needs time to think and sort things out. Although she’s a brilliant doctor, she may well lose her job when she breaks hospital protocal and runs afoul of the hospital administration.

Genesis and her sister take a road trip -- only to find themselves in the middle of nowhere. Her day only gets worse when she’s taken captive by one of the most gorgeous men she’s ever seen. Fireworks erupt between her and her redhead captor, Prince Kalian.

Spirited away to another world, she learns she is not only one of the last remaining descendants of a race known for their healing power, but she must also become the bride of one of the Ceyan Princes. The only Ceyan she wants is Prince Kalian, and he wants her too!

Warning: this title contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience.

Publisher's Note: This is part of a series – books which share a universe and are meant to be read in order but can also be read individually.


  • "This book rocks! The plot is non-stop action and never slows down. Genesis is brave and a fighter for what she believes. Kalian is the sexiest alien you'll ever come across and will definitely curl your toes with his intense heat and sensuality. I couldn't put this book down until I finished it and did in one sitting."
Angel Brewer, The Romance Studio