Goddess And The Geek

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2013 US Edition

Book Description


Computer whiz Julian Wilde has a month booked at an island hideaway to finish his PhD, but when

he arrives, sexy oyster farmer Natasha Barri grabs him thinking he’s a burglar and suddenly asthma isn’t the only thing making Julian breathless. The house has been double booked so they’re forced to share and Julian readily agrees to cook, hoping to use the voodoo potions he’s discovered online to make Tasha fall in love with him. Disaster follows debacle as Julian tries to impress her, and she tries not to kill him.

Read Goddess & the Geek to see if Julian can crack open Tasha’s hermit-shell heart and prove he’s the geek for her.


“This novella is gorgeous and beautifully written: a delicious romance with a sharp opening, real & memorable characters, and a twist of fresh humour.”