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Harlequin American Romance debuted in 1983. The focus is on American life -- more of the small town variety than city life. In its heyday, American Romance addressed many issues facing modern American women. The first African-American title published by any Harlequin imprint was Jackie Weger's A Strong And Tender Thread, Harlequin American Romance #5.

Today the line features "fast-paced, heartwarming stories about the pursuit of love, marriage and family in America today" and are set "everywhere that people live and love". Emphasis is placed on lively, well-constructed plots, a sense of community, and each story has a sense of adventure, optimism and a lively spirit. [1]

Harlequin American Romance titles that have won the RITA® or Golden Medallion are: Destiny's Sweet Errand by Deirdre Mardon.

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