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1990, #48, Dragonfire, North America
1990, Dragonfire, Italy
1991, reprint of 1993, Dragonfire, Germany
1994, Dragonfire, UK

In June 1988 Harlequin started the third Harlequin Historical imprint. The two former imprints were reissues of European (Mills & Boon Historical Romance) titles whereas now authors especially wrote for this imprint and American history became a focus. Patricia Potter started her writing career with #6 of the series (set during the American Revolution) and #1 was written by Kristin James (set in the American West), now writing historical romances under the Mira imprint as Candace Camp.

The imprint features a wide-range of historical periods, from ancient times to the First and Second World Wars (although most popular settings are Regency, Medieval, and Western). Harlequin boasts that central relationship is the key driving force, set against an accurate backdrop (from the writing guidelines).

Titles form the Harlequin Historical series are published by Mills & Boon under the Mills & Boon Historical Romance imprint and some of the Mills & Boon releases - mostly Regency Romances - are available as Harlequin Historical Subscription titles.

The Harlequin Historical line was adopted very successfully in Italy (Harlequin Mondadori/I Grandi Romanzi Storici) and Germany (Cora Verlag/Historical) in 1990, although both imprints now (2008) include titles from Mira and HQN.

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