Hell Hath No Fury

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Hell Hath No Fury (The City, #1)
  • Author: Carol Lynne
  • Publisher: Resplendence Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781607351139
  • Year: February 2, 2010
  • Genre: M/M Paranormal; Gay
  • Characters: Lucifer, Dominic Ramos
  • Setting: Information about the setting.
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Book Description

Series: Book one in The City Series

Mortals call it Hell, Lucifer calls it The City. It’s a land of good and evil, and Lu is the mayor. He didn’t ask for the job, but someone with some sense needs to keep order, and after going against Archangel Law, Lu knows he must pay the price.

Though his crime may have cost him his Heavenly home, when trouble shows up in The City, his brothers send Lu reinforcement in the guise of a good-looking bodyguard named Dominic Ramos.

Used to having any man he wants, Lu isn’t happy when his charms don’t immediately have the desired effect on Dominic. He sets out to seduce the gorgeous man using every weapon in his arsenal. When a night of unbridled passion culminates in a public coupling, Lu’s feelings on random sex are forever changed.

Who says there aren’t Angels in Hell?


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