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Many titles have been reused over the years with different authors. In fact, we have a listing of such titles at category:Books - Same Title. To differentiate between books with the same titles, the title itself should be a page with a listing of all the books with that title and their authors (called a "disambiguation page"). See Example Page. Please use the following recommendations. You can copy the syntax from any box to help you.

Finding Books With Same Title

You may discover books with the same title in different ways:

Title Page Already Exists

  • When you list all of an author's books on an author page or all the of the books in a series on a numbered series page, a title may already show up in blue. When this occurs be sure to click on that blue link and see if the individual book page is really the book by the author that you were planning. In many cases it will be a page for a book with the same title by a different author. In that case:
    • change the listing on your list to [[Book Title - Author Name|Book Title]]. The | (called a "pipe") allows the book title to display cleanly but still link to the specific book by the author in question.
    • follow the instructions below for changing the existing page for that title to a disambiguation page.
  • When you go to the main Books page and navigate to the appropriate letter of the alphabet you find that the book title already is listed for a different author. Follow the instructions below.

You Create Individual Title Page, But Disambiguation Page Is Needed

  • You have created a book page and then find that there are other author pages linking to your page. (You will discover this by choosing the What Links Here tool on the left side of the wiki.) In this case, again, follow the instructions below.

Moving Old Page and Correcting Links

If a page for the title already exists but refers to a specific author's version, you will have to create new pages for the individual authors' books and make the general title page a disambiguation page as follows:

Note: This is easiest done with two (or more) windows or tabs open at the same time so that you can switch back and forth. Open a page with a link to the title , e.g., the books page, and then open that title page in a new tab.

1. Move the current page by renaming it to refer to one of the invidual author's books:

[[Book Title - Author Name]]

If the book is an anthology by multiple authors, use the following syntax as the page name:

[[Book Title - Anthology]]

If there happens to be two or more anthologies with the same title, use the publisher to distinguish each book:

[[Book Title - Publisher]]

In the "reason" box, please note that the reason for the move is "Disambugation Page Creation" or "Books same title" or something similar.

This will take you to the "Move page:"

Move page

Move succeeded

Page "Book Title" has been moved to "Book Title - Author Name"".

2. Click the old page's link, which will automatically redirect you to the new page. At the top you will see a (Redirected from old title) note. Click that blue link to be taken back to the original page. There the page will look like

Book Title

Redirect page

with an arrow and a link to Book Title - Author Name.

  • When you moved the page in step one a redirect was created so that someone clicking on the old title will automatically be taken to the new page. Following the redirect link is the only way to go back to the old [[Book Title]] page.

3. Using the Edit tab at the top of this page, you will see #REDIRECT [[Book Title - Author Name]]. Delete this redirection information. Then, substitute the Disambiguation Page content as noted below.

  • Save this page, and this will result in links to the pages for the individual author's books that you'll need next. The numbers in front of the books will appear in red type, if they are are not already created. The original page you moved with be in blue, as it has already been created.
  • Click on the number in front of the individual author's book, e.g., 1 which will take you to your newly created blank page for the individual book. This is usually the new book page you have been trying to create all along.

4. (Optional) Create all the book pages for any other book listed on the disambiguation page. It is okay to leave the list with the red numbers and someone else (or you) can create the individual author's book page later.

5. Back at the new Disambiguation Page, check for out of date links via the What Links Here tool on the left side of the wiki. There may be several or no links to other pages. On each of those pages, find the link to the [[Book title]] and correct to the appropriate author page link by using the following:

[[book title - author name | book title]]

The | allows the book title to display cleanly but still link to the specific book by the author in question.

  • Note: If #5 seems daunting please add {{Whatlinkshere Correction}} to the top of the disambiguation page.

Disambiguation Page Syntax

The content of the title disambiguation page is as follows:

[[category:Books - Same Title]] 
'''Book title''' is the title of books by:

* [[book title - author name|1]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)
* [[book title - author name|2]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)

You can also use {{subst:Same Title}} instead of copying the above code. Just enter that into the edit field and save. RomanceWiki will generate the template for you, which you can then edit to the correct content.

You can continue that listing for as many books as you know by that title. These should be listed in chronological order, with the earliest book being 1, etc.

Please note the format for the single title page:

Between The Sheets - Tricia Adams is correct while [[Between The Sheets by Tricia Adams]] is not.

Author's Book Page

Please use [[Book Title - Author Name]] as the title for each single author's book page. Fill in the content for the single title page as you would for any other book using the Book Template.

Creating A Disambiguation Page From The Books Page

In most cases you will create a main title disambiguation page by moving the old page. If for some reason you are starting out knowing that you need a disambiguation page (see Example Page):

  • Go the main Books page -- navigate to the appropriate letter of the alphabet. If the book title already is listed (usually for a different author), see Moving old Page and Correcting Links below.
  • Open the list by clicking on the "edit" button. Add the title to the list.
    • Find the correct place to list the title alphabetically. Generally you should ignore any introductory articles like "A", "An" and "The" and alphabetize by the next word in the title.
    • Once your open the page for editing, you should insert listings for the main title and all the books with that same title as follows:
* ''[[book title]]'' 
** [[book title - the existing author's name|1]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)
** [[book title - your new author's name|2]] - [[author name]], date, (Publisher)
  • These should be listed in chronological order, with the earliest book being 1, etc.
  • Save the list and the title and both book pages will be in red type.
  • Click on the title which will take you to your newly created disambiguation page where you can follow Disambiguation Page Syntax above.