Hospital In Sudan

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1968 UK Edition
By Anne Vinton
Publisher Mills & Boon Romance #319
Release Month 1968 (UK)
Mills & Boon Romance Series #
Preceded by The Truant Bride
Followed by Above The Clouds

Book Description

Immacula Hayes - Mac for short - was as pretty as a wax doll with her big blue eyes and golden hair. But she found, to her annoyance, that this prevented people from taking her seriously as the highly competent doctor that she actually was.

So she was delighted to be offered a job in a small Sudanese hospital by a man who was apparently willing to regard her as a useful professional colleague and nothing else. She hadn't forseen that the time would come when she would passionately want him to see her as a lovely woman; and by then she thought she knew that his taste inclined to a type very different from herself - someone tall and dark and stately - someone, in fact, like that ornamental but not so useful nurse, Sister Fiona Bardale.

Cover Variation (By Release Date)

1968 <br\>UK Edition