Jack Of Hearts - Leigh Ellwood

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Book Description

For centuries, Lars has waited for the reincarnation of his beloved Lila, that he may make her his immortal bride and right the wrong done when she was tragically murdered. His search appears to come to an end on a contemporary Halloween, but is Lars in for a trick or a treat when he learns of Lila's newest incarnation - a gay man named Jack? Can the vampire's love for his lost beloved transcend time...and gender?

Jack of Hearts is one of six in 2005 Phaze Shivers line, the only M/M selection published. This horror-themed erotic romance series is released for Halloween, yet written for reader enjoyment any time of the year.


  • 2006 Fruity Awards Finalist - M/M Category

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  • "Dangerous Lars...sweet, gentle Jack...an explosive combo crafted in rich, evocative language. Well done!" - Victoria Skezas
  • "Do we love the soul -- the very essence of a person -- or is our love contingent upon the packaging? Lars struggles with this question in a tale that will leave you aching for more! Sexy, evokative and poignant." - Alessia Brio
  • "A different kind of love story, JACK OF HEARTS will appeal to readers who love the unexpected." - Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today
  • "I can't say anymore without giving away the creative plot twist the author has concocted for this lighthearted tale of mismatched lovers. Ms. Ellwood's vivid descriptions captivate and truly make the story come to life. Full of dark, Halloween-inspired atmosphere and rich sensual undercurrents, this short novella shows a lot of promise. I hope there will be a much-needed sequel to this book. I'm eagerly awaiting some sort of closure to what is otherwise a well-written, engaging short story." - Belle, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
  • "The very talented Leah Ellwood presents a real twist in this tale of reincarnated love in Jack of Hearts. Can Lars accept that if he wants to love his Lila, he would have to become intimate with another man? The male-male love scenes are beautifully drawn, sexy and emotional." - P. Grant, Just Erotic Romance Reviews
  • "I applaud Leigh Ellwood for writing a short story that made this reader stop and think after reading the last paragraph. Are we destined to love the soul of the person to the point where appearances are not important? Or is our love fickle to the point where we can be side tracked by someone's race, creed or sexual preference?" - Anita, Fallen Angel Reviews
  • Leigh Ellwood gives us a sympathetic vampire protagonist and wonderful description of the contemporary setting. A wonderful holiday story that needs to be read to be appreciated. - Emily, Romance Divas