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Jaclyn Reding was born in the Midwest region of the US. Jaclyn wrote a historical romance novel and published her first novel in 1993. Jaclyn has seen her stories translated into nearly a dozen languages around the world, and no longer needs to work in an office.

She is the award-winning author of numerous historical romances, including the RITA award nominee and the Amazon.com #1 bestseller, The Pretender, a Georgian-era Scottish historical and the first of her latest series of novels called "The Highland Heroes".

Jaclyn loves hearing from readers and answers every letter personally.


Single Novels

Restoration Series

  1. Tempting Fate - 1995/01
  2. Chasing Dreams - 1995/10
  3. Stealing Heaven - 1996/09

White Regency Series

  1. White Heather 1997/08
  2. White Knight 1998/08
  3. White Magic 1999/11
  4. White Mist 2000/11

The Highland Heroes Series

  1. Adventurer, The
  2. Pretender, The
  3. Secret Gift, The

On the Web

Jaclyn Reding's Website