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Who's Jayelle?

In the beginning...

As lonely only, Jayelle turned to books as a constant companion. She didn't discover reading for pleasure until the fourth grade, but once she did, she couldn't stop. By junior high, she'd discovered romance novels and used book stores. Talk about shopping sprees! All her allowance money went there and by high school she was a lost cause.

Growing up...

Who needed a boyfriend? She could never really find a guy to match the ones in her head anyway. Romance novels ruined her for the average guy. In high school she had the occassional first date, but there were no steady boyfriends. It was about this time she claimed that she was going to be a writer, the next Stephen King. Funny, what she writes now, twenty years later, bares no resemblance to the horror master. A Stephanie King she never became.

College? She finally discovered boys and writing disappeared from the horizon. It was a candy story! Why settle for one when she can sample them all? She had a blast and, though she claims some of it will forever be a lost to fog, she'd do it again in a heartbeat.

The downfall...

Every Napolean meets his or her Waterloo. She met hers in her last year of college. He was tall, dark and handsome. It was the beach... Sound familar? She fell inlove immediately. No more partying for Jayelle. He married her and moved her away from home before her head could come out of the clouds. Truthfully, two kids later, she declares her head is still in the clouds.

The inspiration...

A part, a huge part, goes to her husband, a man she still calls her "sweetie". Then believe it or not... her mother. Together the two most influential people of her life bought her a laptop and told her to write. Something. Anything. She's been busy ever since.

The other part is a lot of great writers (she is a devoted fan of Linda Howard, Dara Joy, Lora Leigh, and Emma Holly) and a very active imagination.

The results...

Phaze.com has contracted two of her stories. Liquid Silver Books has contracted two as well. Jayelle still reads, but some nights she claims to hear voices in her head. Voices of characters yet to be.


Jayelle lives in the mountains of North Carolina. She is the mother of two boys, two cats, two fish, and any stray that finds its way to her door. Excerpts of Jayelle's work and can be located at her website Jayelle Drewry. She loves to hear from her readers. She can be contacted via email through her website or by comments on her blog.

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