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Jennifer Greene sold her first novel in 1980, published under the pseudonym Jessica Massey, and has since written over 75 novels. Greene earned degrees in English and Psychology from Michigan State University and continues to make her home in that state. She is also known as Jeanne Grant, Jessica Massey, and Alison Hart (also known as Jill Alison Hart, her real name).

Greene is a much honored author, including several RITA wins. Her first major award came in 1984 in the form of the 1984 with the RWA Silver Medallion. She received the 1990 RITA® in the Short Contemporary category for Night Of The Hunter. She won the 1996 RITA® in the Short Contemporary category for Single Dad, and the 1998 RITA® in the Short Contemporary Series category for Nobody's Princess. Jennifer Greene was a 2008 RITA® winner in the RITA®: Best Romantic Novella category with her novella "Born In My Heart". She was also a 2008 RITA® finalist in the RITA®: Best Contemporary Single Title category for her novel Blame It On Cupid.

In 1998, Jennifer Greene was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame. She also served on the RWA Board of Directors as the RWA Published Authors Network liaison.

She has also earned various awards from Romantic Times Magazine, including Best Series Author, Reviewers Choice, Career Achievement and Lifetime Achievement from Romantic Times Magazine.

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