Jungle Magic

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Jungle Magic Blurb

Cade Jacobs has taken on an assignment to make sure a team of hunters going to the Central American Islands doesn't hunt any "rare" gems. What Cade finds in the jungle is the last thing he would have expected. Lyza is unique, one of a kind, and from the moment Cade spots her, it becomes his mission to make sure she stays safe, no matter what the cost.

Publishing Info

Heather Holland's third release. This short story was originally written as a joke, but Heather was soon talked into cleaning it up and finishing it. The end result was Jungle Magic, a short story about a man sent to protect a treasure and the surprise he gets once he finds said treasure in the futuristic jungles of Central America. Cover art created by Heather's husband, John.

This title is currently out of print.

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