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Lanette Curington is the author of the critically acclaimed futuristic romance Starkissed. She has also written a paranormal Halloween romance novella At the Stroke of Midnight and the first Immortal Legends story, the Greek myth fantasy romance Immortal Heat. She also writes erotic romance as Lani Aames and erotic romance in collaboration with Mae Powers as Leanne Strange.

She resides in west Tennessee with her family and a clowder of cats.

Visit her website for the latest updates.

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Starkissed is (as far as the author knows) the first published romance novel to feature a true, physically alien hero.

Starkissed was first published in 2000 at Dancing Willow Publications, from 2003~2007 at Amber Quill Press, and from 2007~present at Samhain Publishing.

Immortal Legends

The Immortal Legends are novels and novellas set in Ancient Greece. Some are retellings of Greek myths, and some are completely new stories with newly created fictional characters and situations.


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Awards & Recognition

2000 P.E.A.R.L. Finalist: Best New Author


Starkissed was nominated along with Catherine Spangler's Shadower, Jayne Castle's After Dark, J.D. Robb's Judgement In Death and Witness In Death, Marilynn Byerly's Star-Crossed, and winner Susan Grant's The Star King.

  • 2001 Eppie Finalist: Best Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
  • 2004 Bloody Dagger Award Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
  • June 2004 - #8 on FictionWise Science Fiction Bestseller List
  • June 2004 - #17 on FictionWise Recent Bestseller List
  • August 2007 - #5 on Samhain's My Bookstore and More Bestseller List
  • August 2007 - #1 on Samhain's FictionWise Bestseller List
  • August 2007 - #7 on Samhain's FictionWise Highest Rated List
  • August 2007 - #17 on FictionWise Erotica Bestseller List

At the Stroke of Midnight

At the Stroke of Midnight was nominated along with Liddy Midnight's Fire And Ice, Katriena Knights' Julian, MaryJanice Davidson's Love's Prisoner, and winner Angela Knight's A Candidate For The Kiss.

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