Lillith Payne

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The Viking Savior - Published by Cobblestone Press, September, 2008 3rd Place Winner of the Midnight Seductions Endless Romance Writing Contest, Dec. 2008

Just One Night - Published by Siren Publications, October, 2008

Her Alpha Male - Published by Siren Publications, January, 2009

Shadow Lover - Published by, April 2009

Lovely Deception - Published by Cobblestone Press, April, 2009

Deceptions Revealed - Published by Siren Publishing, April, 2009

Lust At First Rejection - Published by, April, 2009

Her Dark Dragon - Published by Siren Publishing, July, 2009

The Virgin Widow - Published by Cobblestone Press, August, 2009

Lust Or Love - Published by Siren Publishing, August, 2009

Quid Pro Quo - Published by Cobblestone Press, September, 2009

The Prince Alliance - Published by, October, 2009

Erotic Legacy - Published by, November, 2009

On the Web

The Ice Princess available from Cobblesstone Press. The Spying Maid available from Cobblestone Press. Never Enough available from Cobblestone Press.

The Viking Savior is now available from Cobblestone Press

Just One Night available through Siren Publishing Her Alpha Male available through Siren Publishing Deceptions Revealed available through Siren Publishing Magnificent Abandon available through Siren Publishing

Shadow Lover is now available through The Cliche is now available through Lust At First Rejection is now available through

Lovely Deception is now available through Cobblestone Press.

The Prince Alliance is now available through