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Liz Carlyle attended college on a Scripps Howard writing scholarship and majored in journalism. She spent much of her career working in Human Resources and Labor Relations in the chemical and automotive industries however. She did not begin writing until December 1996 when she was between jobs. She finished the novel within two months and attempted to find a publisher for it. Although that work did not sell, Pocket Books was interested in seeing more of her work. In 1998 they bought two novels from her, publishing the first, My False Heart, in 1999. All of her novels are considered historical romance and they are all loosely linked by characters who are either related or acquainted.

In 2003, Carlyle contributed a novella to the anthology Big Guns, marking her first foray into contemporary romance.

She has been nominated for Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards five times, winning in 1999 for My False Heart. She has also been nominated for a Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, and won a Romance Writers of America RITA Award in 2006 for Best Long Historical Romance (The Devil To Pay). Liz Carlyle was a 2010 RITA® finalist in the RITA®: Historical Romance category with her novel Wicked All Day. Several of her books have become USA Today bestsellers



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Many of Carlyle's books have recurring characters:

  • The Devil To Pay - 2005 Develynn and Sidonie. Sidonie is George Kemble's sister. George is a recurring character who is the valet or helpful person in several of the earlier books. He is now the proprietor of a shop in London.
  • The Devil You Know - 2004 Bentley and Freddie. Bentley is Cam and Catherine's brother. Freddie is the ward of the Marquis of Rannoch.
  • No True Gentleman - 2002 Max and Catherine. Catherine is Cam's sister. Max is investigating a murder at the request of Cecilia.
  • A Woman Of Virtue - 2001 David, Lord Delacourt, and Cecilia. David was rumoured to be Jonet's lover. Cecilia and David are involved in a scandal that is resolved by Cole Amherst. They later meet again when both are working at the Nazareth Society.
  • A Woman Scorned - 2000 Jonet and Amherst. Cole Amherst starts the Nazareth Society, a charity mission for the poor women of London’s slums.
  • Beauty Like The Night - 2000 Cam, Earl of Treyhern, and Helene
  • My False Heart - 1999 Elliott, Marquis of Rannoch and Evangeline


The closest thing to a true series are the One-Two-Three books.

All three novels revolve around the same theme — the redemption of a man through the love of a child. All three heroes were introduced to readers in the same book — The Devil To Pay — and all three plots began with a single precipitating incident—a visit to a fortune teller.

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