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For The Love Of Blood

3 Hearts

FOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD by Annie Alvarez

Publisher: eXtasty Books

Date published: April 2009

ASIN: B002C94986

Short GLBT, Paranormal Romance


Reviewed by Miss April

FOR THE LOVE OF BLOOD by Annie Alverez is an interesting beginning of what appears to be a longer story. An F/F story that was a quick read. Izzy is a young woman who has had to deal with adversity. The death of her parents and the shuffling through foster homes due to mysterious power that seems out of control. Finally taken in by the Katz’s, a couple, she finally found a home. Being witches themselves they recognize that she is a half witch. They teach her about all kinds of supernatural things.

Unbelieving of them, she strikes out on her own. Within a short time she comes to understand that what they tried to teach her was all true. She is attacked by a vampire and rescued by another vampire. The female vampire, Kaley, takes her in, gives her a job feeding vampires and a home. Izzy is content. However soon she is asked to feed Kaley’s sister, Tamara. The woman is known as the peacekeeper. Not because she negotiates with them but because she kills them. Izzy is afraid at first but soon realizes there is something more to her. Thus begins their relationship. As well as a hint of something more.

Filled with a world that is rich in various sects and peoples, I was a little disappointed that there was not as much world building that went on. It was only when I went back and re-read the beginning that I understood that this was just the first in what I hope will be many layers in her stories. The characters were interesting and I would like the chance to get to know them better. I enjoyed this book and the characters in it. I look forward to more from Annie Alvarez in this series.